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Practice Relocation


The practice was originally established in the 1970s and moved to Russell House, Bakers Way, Codsall in 1980.

With the population of Codsall growing it has been recognised for some time now that our current building is no longer fit for purpose as it does not provided the required space to deliver all of the services we wish to. There is also an aspiration to become a training practice however this is only achievable if we move premises due to the limitations in clinic room availability we currently have.

The practice has considered many different options over the years to increase clinical room availability including extending the current building and different relocation sites. In 2016 following discussions with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Russell House was presented with the opportunity to move to the Council Offices in Codsall, into what would become the new Community Hub.

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The Codsall Community Hub

Moving to purpose designed premises provides many benefits to patients and staff, some of which are listed below.

  • Double the number of clinical rooms we have from 5 to 10 (8 consultation rooms and 2 treatment rooms)
  • This will assist us in our aspiration to become a training practice providing rooms for GP registrars to work out of so we can help develop doctors who may want to stay and work in Staffordshire where there is an acknowledged recruitment issue with general practitioners and nurses.
  • Room availability for other services such as First Contact Physios and Clinical Pharmacists.
  • Enable us to provide more face to face appointments as currently at least 2 clinics per week (30 appointments) have to be telephone consultations because we do not have a clinical room for the doctors to work out of.
  • Better access for disabled patients with premises meeting current Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations and a section of the reception desk at wheelchair height.
  • A separate office where all incoming calls from patients will be taken instead of them being taken at reception in order to maintain better confidentiality for patients.
  • A private room for patients to have conversations with reception staff away from the reception desk if it is requested or required.
  • Increased security with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and secure lockable rooms when not in use.
  • Better working conditions supporting retention and recruitment of staff.

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Current Status

With building work due to be completed on Monday 24th January 2022 we are very excited to announce we will be moving into the new Community Hub and opening our new premises on Monday 21st February 2022.

All being well, our lease on the new premises is due to start on Friday 28th January 2022. This then gives us 3 weeks get everything set up ready to open on Monday 21st February 2022. We have new furniture and medical equipment being delivered week commencing the 31st January 2022 and our Information Technology (IT) hardware installation is taking place week commencing the 14th February 2022.


In order for the physical move to take place Russell House Surgery, Bakers Way will be closed for all routine appointments and administration (including repeat prescription requests) on Friday 18th February 2022.

Any patients requiring an urgent appointment on Friday 18th February 2022 are to call 111 who will triage the call and assess the patient’s needs. Any patients 111 identify as requiring a same day appointment will be booked a telephone consultation with a locum doctor provided by Russell House Surgery working out of Bilbrook Medical Centre, Brookfield Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton, WV8 1DX.

If an examination is required the doctor will invite the patient in for a face to face appointment.

The physical move will continue throughout the whole weekend and the new surgery premises at Codsall Community Hub, Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, WV8 1PE will open from 8am on Monday 21st February 2022.

All of our staff and clinical team who usually work at the current Russell House Surgery site will transfer to the new premises, ensuring continuity of care for patients. And, our surgery telephone number 01902 842488 will not change.

Please see our frequently asked questions here gathered by the Patient Participation Group from issues commonly raised by patients and put to the Practice Manager.

For regular updates on progress you can also follow us at:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the practice telephone number remain the same?

Yes, our telephone number will remain the same 01902 842 488

Will the practice still be called Russell House Surgery?

Yes, we wish to keep our identify as Russell House Surgery so patients know it’s still us.

Will the opening hours change?

Core opening hours will remain the same with telephone lines open for all patients from until 6.30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 8am until 1.30pm on Wednesday.

Is there a bus service?

Yes, there is a bus service from Codsall Village and Wolverhampton with a bus stop directly outside the Community Hub.

What about parking?

Our patients will be able to park anywhere on the Community Hub car park which has 333 spaces in total, 10 of which have electric car charge points. There will also be 14 disabled parking spaces at the rear entrance which is the one closest to the entrance of the new surgery premises.

Will disabled access be better?

Yes, there will be easy access for patients in wheelchairs because the surgery is on one ground floor level. There will also be a wheelchair height section to the reception desk and the new purpose designed premises will be fully compliant with Disability Discrimination ACT (DDA) regulations.

Will you have facilities for children?

There will be a children’s corner in the waiting room with a play table and small children’s chairs. There will also be a children’s area in the lobby of the community hub outside the entrance of the new surgery with children’s chairs and books provided by the library, changed on a daily basis.

Will there be more face to face appointments?

Yes there will because of the extra clinical space (subject to Government Covid Guidelines). (Sadly, over 50 appointments each month are lost when patients book an appointment but fail to turn up.)

Will reception be more visible?

The reception desk will feel much larger and more open but, for reasons of infection prevention and security, the receptionists will be behind a large window.

Will patient’s privacy at reception be better?

Yes, incoming calls from patients will not be taken at the reception desk and there will be a private room for patients to have conversations with staff away from the reception desk if it is requested or required.

Will patients have access to other facilities in the Community Hub?

Yes, all of the public facilities in the community hub will be available to Russell House Surgery patients. These include the library, café, free chilled water dispenser in the café, public toilets with baby changing facilities and changing places with hoist, covered bike shelter and dog tether point.

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Codsall Community Hub Map

Map of the new Codsall Community Hub. The area Russell House Surgery will be located within the building is shown in green.

Unfortunately we do not have an accessible version of the Codsall Community Hub map. If you cannot view the map for any reason please contact reception on 01902 842 488 who will describe it to you.

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